V.A. Point Cloud Noise II

Point Cloud Noise II is the second edition of noise works from an international roster of noise/sound artists. This collection is conjured from corrupted data of ancient mainframes, circuit-bent toys, decaying Pure Data patches, and assorted object-disoriented digital audio devices.

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1. Ana Fosca - Fractions of Sue 06:30
2. Don Haugen - Panglossian Auto Destruct Button 05:54
3. Farmers Manual - Near the Gabor Limit, Pt.3 08:00
4. John Hardin - 17 ML1 Hrsh NS 03:43
5. Kim Cascone - Noise Cube - Rotterdam 12:29
6. Kris Limbach - A Computerized Star 08:46
7. Mike Rooke - Final Resting Places 05:18
8. Opening Performance Orchestra - Fraction Loop 07:00
9. Wizards Warlocks Angel Dust - Devoured 11:30

Cover art - Mike Rooke

released 22 July 2022


Ana Fosca has emerged as presence to be reckoned with. Here stands a woman raging, wrestling, communing, and plainly preoccupied with humanity's propensity for tragedy, violence, and blight. And it is with a particular strain of noise - one that is dour, miserable, frightening - through which she harnesses these conditions. Ana Fosca (born Linn Hvid) honed her craft by performing on a constant basis throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, especially through the dynamic community of Mayhem in her native Copenhagen. The feral expressionism she developed in performance is matched by numerous, existential antecedents that inform Fosca's work. - The Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2022
view site: anafosca.bandcamp.com/

Don Haugen is a composer, sonic experimenter, and visual designer based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Since the late 1980’s; Haugen started exploring sound with tapes, oscillators, mixer feedback, contact mics and found objects. His current work merges home built electronics and re purposed test instruments to create sonic texture-scapes. He has composed for performance artists, sound installations, film and ensembles. Haugen is curator and founder of the Eugene Noise Festival, which started in 2005 and continues today.

Farmers Manual is a self-generating memeplex lazily self-organised around the enterprise of doped-out electronics. Since 1996 it has been evolving as a subsurface autopoetic process with erratic overt activity consistently transmitting a unique quality of pathology and beauty skimming the bow-wave of mainstream aesthetics.

John Hardin scours the detritus of consumerism in search of the music of our time. He creates new instruments from found objects, recycled materials, and abandoned electronics to produce a palette of sounds unique to and reflective of the peculiarities of this time in history.

Kim Cascone studied arranging & composition at the Berklee College of Music and electronic music at the New School in Manhattan. He founded Silent Records in 1986 and has released more than 50 albums of music. Cascone has worked with Merzbow, Keith Rowe, Scanner, John Tilbury, Tony Conrad, Pauline Oliveros as well as assistant sound editor on two David Lynch films. Cascone has performed, lectured and conducted workshops throughout the US and Europe. He has written for MIT Press, Contemporary Music Review, Interference Journal and Artbyte. He currently operates Silent Records and composes music for his new musical project Khem One.

Kris Limbach is an audio visual artist and experimental filmmaker. In his sound work and scores he uses film-editing techniques, prepared drums, tape manipulation, no-input mixing and a vast amount of raw and processed field recordings. In his film works he wanders between highly abstract live film and video manipulation and feature-like experimental and process-oriented cinema. He curates the expanded television project T.A.T.V. and co-curates emitter micro, a experimental music label and bi-annual festival.

Mike Rooke was born in Birmingham UK. Although Mike describes himself as a self taught artist, his early work coding and designing sound effects for games in the 80s was a major influence in his creative process today. He went on to study at Wolverhampton University and applies mad science to all forms of multimedia he creates. His art spans field recording, sound design, sfx, foley, album cover artwork. An accidental musician and album cover artist currently utilizing the latest lidars, custom optics and cameras in his work. https://rookelabs.com/

Opening Performance Orchestra is a seven-member ensemble based in Prague. Their creations are based on fraction music, with the initial sound being digitally destroyed within the spirit of the credo “no melodies – no rhythms – no harmonies”. The main musical instruments are computers, yet on special occasions they apply classical instruments (theremin, moog, intonarumori). They have given almost a hundred concerts (Ostrava Days, MaerzMusik, Prague Industrial Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe) and released about 20 recordings (Sub Rosa, NEOS, Menstrual Recordings). They have worked with diverse musical figures, including Milan Knížák, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Maurizio Bianchi, Reinhold Friedl, and Bill Laswell. website: www.o-p-o.cz/

Wizards Warlocks Angel Dust is an experimental doom drone project based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Multimedia artist, Christopher David Rosdahl is the composer and creator of the illicit WWAD. Picture dark surreal electronic soundscapes similar to that of Tim Hecker. Pair that with heavy down-tuned sludge metal guitar drones, much like that of Sunn O)). Now sprinkle some hints of Godspeed You Black Emperor and you will have a better understanding of what Wizards Warlocks Angel Dust is all about. If miserabilism had a sound, that sound would be Wizards Warlocks Angel Dust. wizardswarlocksangeldust.bandcamp.com/

Cover art statement: "Experimenting building images using LIDAR technology with strong superimposed floating lines above a point cloud landscape. Outlier points caused a glitch making small shapes that looked like a shoal of fish. - it was an uplifting moment I shall never forget." – Mike Rooke