Hiroshi Hasegawa & Opening Performance Orchestra
Fraction Elements

1. Sea Shore, Sky Shore (Hiroshi Hasegawa) (21:00)
2. Terrestrial Lightness (Hiroshi Hasegawa & Opening Performance Orchestra) (23:00)
3. Fire Shadows (Opening Performance Orchestra) (21:00)

Recorded in Tokyo and Prague, spring 2012 - autumn 2015

The collective album of the Japanese noise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa and the seven-member Czech ensemble Opening Performance Orchestra contains three large compositions and four short pieces free inspired by the elements.
The first Hiroshi Hasegawa composition is a suite of colourful modulated psychedelic sounds and noises.
The second composition is a collective work. Based on sound material from Hiroshi Hasegawa, it is a quasi-remix by Opening Performance Orchestra.
The third Opening Performance Orchestra piece is a digital decomposition of an original sound material. The working method is in line with the rules of fraction music, postulated by Opening Performance Orchestra, and the slogan no melody - no rhythm - no harmony.

Ⓒ + Ⓟ 2016 E-klageto
lim. 500